STATO's Haunted Hustle "Boston Qualifier" ~ Temiskaming Shores - Fundraiser-Corp/Team Challenge

Corporate/Team Challenge
We have a new team challenge this year to help encourage physical fitness and raise money for your organized group/team. It could be a dance or hockey team or the chess club at your school.

The conditions for this fundraiser are as follows:

  • Each group/team will request from us a “pledge sheet” for each member.
  • Each participant will be responsible to pay for their registration fee then every pledge they raise over and above their registration fee will be given to the team/group.

All funds will be handed into the Haunted Hustle Registration Desk, then a cheque will be made out to the team/group.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Jenkins at 705-648-8320 or by email at or

"Boston Qualifying Event"
We are very proud to announce that the Haunted Hustle has now been Certified with Athletics Canada and will be a Boston Qualifying Event - so all of you who have signed up for the Full Marathon - get training!  We'd love to be the event that you participate in to Qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Boston Marathon Qualifying Times
Age Group
3hrs 05min 00sec
3hrs 35min 00sec
3hrs 10min 00sec
3hrs 40min 00sec
3hrs 15min 00sec
3hrs 45min 00sec
3hrs 25 min 00sec
3hrs 55min 00sec
3hrs 30min 00sec
4hrs 00min 00sec
3hrs 40min 00sec
4hrs 10min 00sec
3hrs 55min 00sec
4hrs 25min 00sec
4hrs 10min 00sec
4hrs 40min 00sec
4hrs 25min 00sec
4hrs 55min 00sec
4hrs 40min 00sec
5hrs 10min 00sec
80 and over
4hrs 55min 00sec
5hrs 25min 00sec